Top 5 Fun & Inspirational People to Check out

September 2, 2018

Happy Sunday Everyone and Happy Labor Day Weekend.  I hope you are either out enjoying some football, time at the lake or relaxing on the couch! Either way, I wanted to bring a little inspiration to your day.  So, I compiled a list of a few fun and inspirational people that I wanted to share with you because why not? I’m in the business to help people become happy and these are the people who have contributed to my happiness in some shape or form. I love finding a good- hilarious video that just makes you belly laugh or an inspirational and moving podcast.  Personal development and self care are a huge part of my life now and plays a huge role in my growth.

Top 5 Fun and Inspirational People

Cat & Nat – Ok, if you are a mom – then you must and I mean MUST watch these ladies. They go live everyday on Facebook and are on Insta stories non stop.  They are your truth mom bombs – can I make that a hashtag? #truthmombombs.  They talk about every day life of a mom, wife, and business woman and their kids vary from toddler to teenager currently so it makes it that much better. They even have started a tour where they visit major cities and host a girls night out event! They are coming to ATL late September so I really hope I can go.

Rachel Hollis RISE Podcast & RISE Together Podcast: So this lady… Mind freaking blown.  I was introduced to Rachel through Her Book “Girl Wash Your Face” and it was a life changer for me.  This book is about “Stop Believing the Lies about Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be”. Each chapter is about a lie that we tell ourselves that end up holding us back! If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you get this book NOW either on amazon, kindle, audio book, or whatever.. but just read it.  Also, Rachel and her husband do DAILY live videos on their facebook, instagram where they talk about just life in general and what’s going on in their world. Sometimes it’s just hilarious and sometimes it’s raw, vulnerable and real…. hard to stay away from them!

Goal Digger Podcast: Jenna Kutcher is such a light in this world. She radiates pure passion, happiness, and realness. She started her own high end wedding photography business and then transformed into an online business coaching, podcasting entrepreneur. Her confidence in herself and body positivity

Soul in the Raw Podcast: Ok, so I’ve recently listened to 2 of their recent podcasts during my drive to and from ATL. Soul in the Raw Podcast is two ladies – Olivia and Crystal who are life coaches “who offer you a safe space to break free from what’s no longer serving you, rise up where you are feeling called to be, and finally own your truth in this noisy world.” I mean how much more awesome can you get. We need this type of inspiration in this world of expectations, fear based lies, and comparison traps that They typically bring in other inspirational speakers for their weekly podcast who are entrepreneurs, fellow podcasters, and others

BrightontheDay: Brighton Keller can be found on Instagram @Brightonkeller and her website is  She is primarily a fashion blogger but she is so much more than that. She is very active on insta-stories and shares her journey with her faith, her personal development, her fitness life and more.  She has amazing content that is relatable to my everyday life. I love that she is so active in her faith and personal growth, but most importantly, that she shares it with the world (and me). I learn so much from her.  She challenges herself, her thoughts, and it’s just so intriguing to watch.

Anyways, I hope if just one of these fun and inspirational people connect with you in some way and help bring a little encourage or just a smile to your day than that’s my goal!  I hope you enjoyed this post and as always please like, comment, subscribe so I can keep bringing more of this Goodness to your life!

Have a great Sunday!

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