Straight up Truth: Blog, Life, & Why Do We Feel the Need to be Perfect?

April 6, 2018

Today’s post is about a lot – it’s about some straight up truth about my blog, my life, and my feelings around Why do we feel the need to be perfect?  Some days are great, some days are just okay and some days are just straight up a struggle to get through the  day. Sometimes I think I make life more difficult than it should be because I stay stuck in my head too much. I let the thoughts wonder and go to negativity and of all the things I want or don’t have.  Sometimes life feels boring and mundane and I wonder – where is all the fun?? Sometimes I want more, always wanting change, always want to be moving. I’m not perfect but I am working through a lot of this and I’m realizing that man…Just stop and enjoy the moment.

I wanted to quickly put together a blog post about the real me and what I’ve been going through lately. A lot of bloggers and social media icons put out an image to the world of perfection and in all reality, that’s what many brands look for. That’s what attracts the money right?!?! I am not sure the real truth here but what happens is when we only show these picture perfect photo ops, picture perfect views, and we don’t show all the real moments, then we open up the possibility of others constantly feeling the need to compare, feeling the need to buy more, feeling the need to be perfect, and reach that level of perfection we see on the internet. WHEN IT’S NOT REALLY PERFECT.

I love that SnapChat came about and the InstaStories because it opened up an avenue for sharing real and live moments. It opened up the possibility to show the silly moments, the crazy moments, and the down right UN perfect moments in life.  But I also think it goes beyond that.

I have struggled with this blog because I KEPT feeling like my posts had to be perfect. Every post needed 8-10 edited and perfect photos. Every post needed affiliate links so that I can make money. Every post needed to be perfect in grammer.  But hey.. that’s BULLSH*T. I am not sorry that it’s not perfect because I started this blog first and foremost for ME. I needed an outlet and wanted to get back to journaling. I wanted to have an outlet to share my feelings so that I could try and sort them out and GROW as an individual. I wanted to journal my life today and tomorrow with my daughter and husband because this life goes by way too fast. I don’t remember so much from my high school and college years. I remember big highlights and not the way I felt in small moments. I want to be grateful for this moment and realize how much I really have in life right now. I want to connect with others who may be in the same phase or stage in life and create connections and relationships whether that be locally and in person or via the internet.  I don’t want to be perfect anymore —- and man, that’s HUGE for me to say because I have always been a perfectionist.

So, now, I am working on having more fun and finding my purpose. We do not have to sacrifice our life and our fun to fulfill our “mission”.  I am working with a life coach right now and it’s highly transforming my life.  She has worked with me to incorporate daily practices that re-align my focus, control my anger/anxiety, and Lift myself up.

Daily Practices:

  1. Mirror Exercise: Look in the mirror everyday and tell myself ” I am Proud of You!  You did something great today.” You can talk about anything in this exercise that is positive. Even if I’ve had a horrible day – I can say to myself, “I am so proud of you! You didn’t kill anyone today!” 😛
  2. Thankful Exercise: Everyday I want to think of or write down something that I am Thankful for and even more specific – With my husband, I am Writing down what am I thankful for from him that day. And Even if I’m pissed at him, it could be something like “I am thankful that He is an amazing father!”
  3. Breathing Technique: When I am in an anger moment, or an Anxiety moment, or whatever situation where I feel that is bringing me down, than practice this exercise: Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold it for 8 seconds, and release for 7 seconds and repeat.
  4. Happy Picture: This one I just learned today (4/5/18) – She told me to close my eyes and think of a time I felt truly happy. Where my body felt happy and my mind felt happy. To be honest, this was really hard because for the past few years, almost all moments have been clouded by my self doubt, my stress, my anxiety that I have allowed to build up and not deal with.  But I came up with sitting on a beach, sun shining down on me, the waves crashing in, and silence with not a care in the world – no work to worry about, etc.  She said to describe it visually and then find a picture either of yourself in that moment, or find a picture online. Put that picture in as many places in your life – computer desk top, phone wallpaper, print it out and put it on your desk, etc.  Anytime I feel a moment taking over me – try to go immediately to this happy place!

I am practicing these daily and no, I don’t remember to these every day. I don’t succeed in escaping from the anger and anxiety 100% of the time. But small steps help, even if I do it one time is progress.  And I’m being so much easier on myself! It’s okay – Celebrate it!

I hope my coach doesn’t mind me sharing some of this with you all but it’s where I am today and today I felt the need to just share this with you. Share my TRUTH with you all because either it helps me to get it out and/or maybe someone else needed to hear this.


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  1. Of all the blogs you’ve posted this is my favorite! It’s real and its honest. It is what most people are dealing with in this day and time.

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