Two Daily Devotionals for Life & Marriage

September 18, 2017

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A Splash of Monday Afternoon Blessings

Happy Monday afternoon everyone! Usually, you see Monday morning pick-me-ups or Monday morning motivation quotes to get ready for a long week ahead. This Monday, I’m drinking my coffee at 5 PM and finally reading my daily devotional from ““.  Today (and usually everyday lately) hit right to my core. It says, “When you try to live independently of Me, you experience emptiness and dissatisfaction. You may gain the whole world and yet lose everything that really counts.”  Over the past few years, I turned to shopping and buying “things’ in the hopes that I would be happier.  If I only had this one (or 5 things), I would feel more confident or could lose 10 lbs faster.  All of those things are lies to hide the fact that we’re unhappy at a deeper level and todays devotional is a reminder that it is only when “In union with Me, you are complete.”  Now, I’m not saying I will stop shopping or that shopping doesn’t make me happy, but we can’t rely on it as our sole source.  Now, who wants to go shopping?? 🙂

Another daily devotional I’m reading right now is .  Today’s topic was “When we Must Work Together in Unity” and references Psalm 133:1. I think every husband and wife should pray for each other and pray together to strengthen your bond.  My husband and I are working very hard to get back on the same page in many areas of our life: finances, career, parenting, having fun, etc. We have been so busy over the past few years, we let many of our normal “couple” things go and now we are working together to figure out who we are as husband and wife and not just parents or friends, or …the list could go on.  Having a small daily reminder to pray goes a long way!

Well, I have had a busy day with work so 5 PM (or 5:45 PM now) is better than never right and when my 2 year old daughter is coming home from daycare soon and she is typically non-stop until 10 pm…I know I need this coffee and who doesn’t like drinking from a cute ??…Who else is with me??

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