How to Manage the Work from Home Lifestyle

December 29, 2017

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Working From Home

Working from home sounds great right? Today, almost everyone has a multiple devices, a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and now wearables like an Apple Watch. They all keep us connected to our social life, our family, friends, and of course work.  As a young adult, most of us prefer and search for jobs that have work from home flexibility.  It sounds great and it really can be but there are a few things you need to be prepared for.

I have been officially working from home for almost a year now. My company has two U.S offices in Boston and in Santa Monica, CA so everyone else works remote. My previous jobs required everyone to be in the office for the most part; however, I traveled frequently or could stay home to work when I was sick.  Even when I would go on vacation, work came with me. It’s hard to turn off when we are constantly on our phones and we get our email on our phones.  So, I thought the transition to working from home 100% would be easier and so much better.

Fast forward to 10 months later, working from home is absolutely easier but it has it’s pros and cons.  I want to share them with you below in hopes that you gain insight into both sides and hopefully a few tools that could help you navigate and avoid future issues.

  1. Morning Routine: I think its very important to establish a routine early on. A routine that works for you personally and for your lifestyle. Do you have kids? Are you a morning person or night owl? Do you workout in the AM? etc.  I didn’t do this early on and now I am struggling with this. When I first started working from, I thought “YES, now i don’t have to wake up so early!” and now, it’s hard to get up in the mornings.
  2. Social Life: Working from home separates you from the world.  Some days, I look up and it’s 5 PM and I am still in my pajamas.  You don’t get to see people face to face every day, you do not get the smile and good morning when you walk in the office.  And you don’t get the free coffee either :).  If you struggle with depression, be careful with the work from home option because you can feel isolated and if you are not aware and mindful, then it can creep up on you.
  3. Distractions:   When you work from home, there are endless distractions and everything else can be way more appealing than sitting at your desk all day.  There’s laundry, your favorite tv show recorded on DVR from last night, dishes, cooking, going shopping, going out for lunch, etc.  This is where time management and discipline really comes into play.  You have to understand what your work day looks like, where you can fit in breaks and you have to make it work or your work will suffer. You can learn to balance and make it all work when done right.  🙂  I mean, It only takes 5 minutes to put laundry in the washer/dryer and that can be done in between calls.
  1. Work from Wherever:  This is by far one of the coolest parts of working from home! I can take my phone or laptop with me everywhere and take calls, send emails, and work from anywhere! I love balancing my cons with the pro’s because life is all about balance. When I  start feeling isolated or bored, I get up and go to starbucks or dunkin donuts to work. I am able to take my work with me for the most part and it helps being able to change things up.
  2. Productivity: When you have the right mindset and tools in place, your productivity can skyrocket.  In an office setting, there are a lot of distractions. Many people walk by your desk to say hello and catch up on the latest gossip, want to get your thoughts on a certain project, or want you to join a meeting at the last second.  It can be hard to concentrate as well.  Working from home allows quiet time, concentration, and a more defined schedule. It can also allow for more productivity at home – when done  correctly – because you can start t a load of laundry in between calls.
  3. Flexibility & Freedom: At the end of the day, I think most people value the flexibility & freedom that working from home allows for. The Pro’s & Con’s Listed are all about balance and self discipline and depending on your personality, working from home can be for you. It allows for more family time, takes away commute time, wear and tear on your vehicle, and allows for more freedom to work where and what works best for you.  If you like an official office, turn a bedroom into an office you love, or you can rent an office from “WeWork” if you have that near you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts/opinions on Working from Home! Are you for it or against it? What tools do you use to help keep you organized and disciplined?

Tools I use: (See Below) Planners, Oil Diffuser, Desk Organizer, Headphones, Asana, & Colorful Sticky Notes.



3 Responses

  1. I love working from home! My kids keep me company but as an introvert I’ll take as much quiet as I can get. Discipline and schedule are definitely the hard part! Great post!

  2. I love your pictures! I’ve always thought about working at home but I just wasn’t sure about it and wasn’t sure if it was the right move for me nor did I have a realistic idea of what it will be like. Great post!

  3. I’ve been working from home for almost 4 years now. I love that I’m home with my daughter, but keeping things consistent is tough. I do make sure to get dressed before I start any conference calls. It helps me get my head in the game.

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