Jenn on the Rocks is Baaaack

September 11, 2020

Hello Friends – I am back – Jenn on the Rocks is coming back with brand new content featuring your everyday mom advise, creating and running a business, and my fight with depression and anxiety through it all.

I know what you’re thinking – she’s hasn’t taken this blog seriously in the past – what is different now??

Truth – Nothing Really – you don’t have to Trust me just yet but I feel like I’ve gotten to a place where I’m done overthinking it, I’m done letting myself down, I’m done being stuck in the same place I was 5 years ago.

Today I choose to take a step and start!

My goal with Jenn on the Rocks is to:

  1. Create a community of women (and men) who want to better themselves and needs a cheerleader on their side.
  2. Give encouragement for the mom struggling to find herself again after having kids.
  3. Relate and work with those that want to feel more joy, more confidence, more fulfillment, more gratitude in your everyday life.
  4. Provide business resources, tips and tricks, and advice as I learn to navigate this entrepreneur life.
  5. Share my journey to better my mental and physical body in hopes that I could help others take 1 step forward.

Are you stuck & lost? Let’s jumpstart your life and get you to “Fearless Ambition” bc Sister… You Can Get Through This!

-And FYI:

I am not perfect

This blog will not be perfect.

My life is messy but I am working on it one day at a time.

Join me – I NEED you too!

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