Is the FabFitFun Box Really Worth it?

January 5, 2018

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Hi Loves,

Today I wanted to talk with you about the infamous Fabfitfun box and discuss if it’s really worth the quarterly fee.  I want to be fully transparent with you all because I want to gain your trust with hopes that you come back for more advice on things like this.

I receive a box 1x a quarter – every 3 months or so. The first box was amazing! It had a cute coffee mug, a large scarf, and many new products that I had never tried before.  It was fun to try products that I would never buy or try on my own. The box is very pretty and the unveiling of the box is half the excitement.  However, the 2nd box was somewhat disappointing for me.  It had the same scarf if in but in a different color and the other items were not something that I would normally use.  Because of this, I decided to cancel the subscription for a little while – I think for the following 2 quarters.

But then, a few months later, I saw everyone posting about the Summer box and I really liked what was in it. So….I fell for it again and reactivated my subscription. It was a very easy process because they had all my information saved.  I have also received the Fall and Winter box since then and they have been great with different products each having a few things that I have already used. Also, I received an email from Fabfitfun a few weeks before shipping the Fall box and they gave me options to choose between a few products like A versus B style. I LOVE this option and it also gives you an option to add on additional products at a discounted price.  I hope it continues!

Is it Worth it?

Anyways, with this Fabfitfun code, you will get $10 off and only pay $39.99 for the first box and then it goes up to $49.99.  I still think it is absolutely worth it because of the “Quality” Products you get. They also provide a newspaper in the box that provides an overview of each brand, product, retail price and the full box is usually fully retailed at $375- $400.

Another thing that is super fun is the packaging! Like I mentioned earlier, It’s so much fun and colorful and I think a LOT of people do the unveiling on social media (even if you are not a celebrity).

Ohhh – I almost forgot!  Almost every box I have received – or at least every other box – they include something creative/artsy. One box was color pencils and a coloring book and another box was a canvas, stencils, and paint!  That was pretty neat if you are into the arty stuff. : )

If you get the boxes too, I would love to see your thoughts in the comments below!

XoXo – 

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