Jenn on the Rocks Health and Wellness

Hi Loves and Welcome to Jenn on the Rocks Health and Wellness Page.


Here you will find a community of people coming together to support each other in becoming stronger both mentally and physically.  I will share tips, tricks and a variety of workouts that will help you on your health and wellness journey.

Being healthy isn’t a number on a scale, it’s not a size in a pair of clothes, it is how you feel!

  • Are you able to climb a flight of stairs?
  • Are you able to keep up with your children on a daily basis?
  • Do you genuinely feel happy with yourself and confident in your body?

These are all just small questions you should ask yourself! This page isn’t about working out out 24/7 or 100% Clean eating. Yes, it will include some of both but you must transform in both mind and body. I am currently in my own journey and want to help as many others as I can!

Join Me in one of my Monthly Accountability or Bootcamp groups that include:

  • Meal Planning/Food Prepping
  • Online Library of Workouts (100s to choose from)
  • A monthly supply of a delicious superfood shake!
  • A Mobile app to log in daily to track your progress, log your workouts, check in with other ladies, ask questions
  • This can be completely PRIVATE if you do not want to share your journey with the rest of the world.

You can also JOIN me in this amazing business to TRANSFORM your life and produce an income for your family. I am a part of a top 10 team in the company and we provide all the training and support you could every desire in starting your own company! Now is the time to join my team!

More Information on Coaching HERE:

Lift Your Life
Join our community of like-minded individuals for uplifting encouragement, accountability, nutrition, & exercise.


Can’t wait to hear from you and become BESTIES!!


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