Gaining Weight is Easy…

April 11, 2015

Gaining Weight is EASY, but Let’s be Honest… Losing Weight can be very hard, confusing, and seems to be downright impossible sometimes.  Making any major change in life is difficult but with the right resources and being surrounded by the right people to help encourage you is the perfect combination.

I want to share with you a brief history of my journey to share with you my successes & failures and how my journey is still on-going each and every day.  I apologize if there are too many details or if this gets a little boring or long. 🙂

Looking back on my life, I never truly had to worry about my weight growing up.  I was normal, average, or most would consider consider “skinny” all throughout middle school, high school and even college.  I was pretty active growing up playing softball, barrel racing horses, and cheerleading (odd combination I know.)  You will probably notice a theme in my life and it’s called “change”.  I don’t know if I’ve always been that way or if the ways of the universe have transformed me but I need constant change of some sort.  Once I went off to college, I moved every single year (sometimes 2x a year) for 9 years.  I’m on my 3rd corporate job in 5 years :/ and let’s just leave it at that!   Anyways… back to the story!

Throughout those years, I worked out when it was convenient or when the activities required it, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted and if I noticed a few extra pounds here and there, I would work out a few days and it seemed to go back to normal.  It was never a real challenge for me.  I also was naturally pretty strong and flexible throughout the years due to my cheerleading and dance experience and it was always just “easy” for me so I never thought twice about it.  Things started to change about 2 years into my corporate life sitting at a desk day in and day out and living with my long term boyfriend.  He is definitely an amazing cook but it added to my problems.  My boyfriend is 6’5″ and barely 200 lbs on a heavy day. He can eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  He loves to season his foods with tons of sodium filled things, loves pasta, cheese, and just about anything that’s not healthy.  With this combination, I slowly started adding on the pounds and with the full time job and the stress it added on, going to the Gym was the last thing I wanted to do.  I still went to the gym and in the first year or 2 I even got a personal trainer but for some reason, nothing was working.  I kept gaining weight!!!

By this past September/October of 2014, I was 35-40 lbs over my ideal weight and then I became pregnant. I’m going to put this out there: My ideal weight is 125-130 lbs, My weight when I got pregnant was 160 lbs and i’m currently about 168lbs at 25 weeks pregnant. Ahhhh I can’t believe I’m putting this out there on the web!

Throughout this weight gaining journey, I lost my flexibility, my endurance, my strength and everything that used to come easy to me was no longer easy which made working out that much harder.  Let me  tell you a funny story:  One day, I was trying out a new personal trainer at LA Fitness when he was asking about my fitness level and experience. When I told him about cheerleading, his eyes lit up and started asking about tumbling and hand stands. I was like I “Sureeeee, I used to tumble all the time and duhh handsprings are  easssssyyy- No Big Deal!!” Well, I got up and went to attempt a simple handstand and BAM, my arms gave out and went straight down on my head.  This was by far so embarrassing and a reality check to myself that I no longer was who I used to be.

Anyways, fast forward to me now: I’m 6.5 months pregnant so there’s not too much I can do about my weight now but there is.  I’m trying my best to educate myself and learn about what’s healthy, how to eat healthy, how to prepare food, what Paleo is, what gluten is, and how important eating healthy & clean is to your over all well being.  Without eating properly, it seems that no amount of exercise will help! I want to be healthy for my baby and I and get into a routine that lasts long after pregnancy.  I believe that eating healthy and exercising can do a number on your mental & physical wellbeing.  It  can help with anxiety, depression, and many other diseases society faces today.

So that’s my story in so many words or less. Throughout this journey you will hear alot more from me, so stick around if you can stand it! 🙂

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