5 Inspirational Influencers to Follow on Instagram

April 18, 2020

Today, I wanted to share a few Inspirational Influencers that I follow on Instagram (and other social media platforms). Remember, it’s very important what information and influence we bring into our lives. I encourage you to make a list of people that inspire you to follow and get rid of or hide any accounts that don’t! INPUT is KEY.

Macy McNeely & Kathryn Shubert:

These 2 ladies right here are someone you need to follow ASAP. Macy is the owner/founder of Guide Culture . Katheryn started out as a Rodan & Fields consultant and worked her tail off over the course of 2019 to grow herself and her business grew exponentially. She actually started Guide Culture as a student and is now Co-CEO with Macy. They have a podcast as well.

Guide Culture is led by Loy Day, Macy McNeely, & Kathryn Shubert and is is a professional sales training that is sooooo much more than just a “sales training”. This program teaches you how to gain more sales and influence others around you to buy-in (even your kids :P). They have fostered an amazing and uplifting community of like-minded individuals who are all so positive, ambitious and serving. @macymcneely @kathrynmshubert

This was at Macy's Good is Cool event in Roswell, GA.  Inspirational Influencer
March 19 - Guide Culture In Person event. Inspirational Influencer
March 19 – Guide Culture In Person event.

Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett is a life and business strategist. He has a major online presence across multiple channels: YouTube, Instagram, Podcasts, etc. He is a motivational speaker/coach and has over 2.1M followers on Instagram. He interviews professional athletes, other online influencers, authors, ex-military, etc to discuss their journey from basically the bottom and how they have persevered and made it to where they are today.

Ashley Smith

Ashley is an online influencer in the motherhood and health/fitness world. She is a Beachbody coach but she brings so much value & so much realness to her followers. She has gained over 100K followers on Instagram and has an apparel business called The Be Brand. Her daily stories bring inspiration, motherhood relatability, great tips for toddler activities, and everyday real life. ;’]

2018 Indianapolis – Beachbody Convention – I am in there somewhere and this is all of Ashley’s team/downline.

Rachel Hollis

Okay, Rachel is a staple or she should be if you don’t follow her already. She has 2 amazing books: “Girl Wash Your Face” & “Girl, Stop Apologizing“. “Girl, Wash Your Face” is probably one of the first personal development books I picked up and actually finished reading. I remember being at the beach for 4th of July a few years ago and I just couldn’t put it down! She has a way of speaking to you that inspires, motivates, and propels you to move forward no matter what circumstances you are/were in. I wrote my first “inpirational influencers” post here where you can see I listed Rachel back then as well.

Bonus: Gary Vee

YouTube – Okay, so Gary Vee is a whole other creature. He has a potty mouth -which I don’t mind as long as the kids aren’t around! He shoots it straight and is a no BS kinda influencer. He pushes out soooo much content every single day and on almost every single platform. If you want to start making money, start your own business, etc – he has a great way of letting you know that it is YOUR responsibility to do the work. We all need to hear that sometimes. Everyone makes it “seem” like you can create this overnight success and have passive income when in reality, you have to put in the WORK.

Just remember, when scrolling through social media, to follow/surround yourself with people who inspire & motivate you – not the ones who make you feel inadequate or negative in any way. Save this post to remember 5 Inspirational Influencers to look too.

My next post will be some of my favorite Inspirational Influencer Podcasts to listen too so stay tuned! 🙂

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