Top 5 Books for Inspiration and Motivation

September 28, 2017


Top 5 Books for Inspiration and Motivation


I have provided a short list of Inspiring and Motivational books that have helped me overcome anxiety and depression throughout the last year. I have been on a journey to find myself in the midst of this crazy thing called life and each one of these books have given me something whether it was a small sense of happiness, courage, inspiration, or tools to use on a daily basis to be a better version of myself.

Now, I am still at the very beginning stage of this journey but I have gone through some major breakthroughs and I have loved reading these 5 books – some I’m still working through.  I hope that you find at least one of these helpful in your crazy journey through life.

  1. Darren Hardy:
    1. I first started reading this book a few years ago and then picked it back up again when my previous boss handed this out to all of his employees and asked us to read it.  This book explains that making small, positive changes everyday make a huge impact a year or 2 years down the road. It provides a lot of real-life examples to back up this method.  It really pulled on my “impatient” string because when I want something, I want it now and it just doesn’t work that way. Losing weight, saving money, relationships, etc – it all applies. I got my husband to read this so I think you can too!!
  2. Gabby Bernstein:  The Universe Has Your Back
    1. I saw someone on Facebook reading this book – I think it was one of my beachbody coaches! If you like meditation or the idea that “God” or a divine intervention exists, then this book is for you.  It really hit home for me when I would wake up every morning with such intense negativity. I would wake up saying to myself “I am so unhappy” over and over again and this book helped me identify that by saying this to myself, sets the tone for my life, my day. I started replacing that negativity with Positive self talk and it made a huge difference for me.  This book is amazing and has many other great tools and stories to show you that “The Universe has your back”. Go Get it Now! 
  3. Khloe Kardashian:
    1. I know what your thinking.. “Really??? a Kardashion book!!”  Well, I gave it a chance and I’m glad I did. It was a very easy read, very relatable, and very helpful for me.  This book provides tools and examples for being a better version of yourself and pushing through turbulent times. She breaks it into sections: Body, Mind, & Heart and it goes into Exercise, Food, Get Your Head on Straight, Making the Best of Everything, & Being Mindful. I Liked that she touched on a little bit of everything i was struggling with!
  4. Jen Sincero:
    1. I am in the process of re-starting this book and it’s just brutally honest and in your face. It is really helpful in my journey because I have been a HUGE self doubter.  I find myself always wanting things to be perfect and when I don’t see it as perfect, I stop and end up waiting for something – waiting for someone to show me how to do it, to tell me its okay, or something! Just stop doubting yourself and GO FOR IT…
  5. A Course in Miracles:
    1. I haven’t started this one yet but I have started following Gabby Bernstein and she preaches ” A Course in Miracles” so it’s on my list to work through!  I hear it works miracles 🙂  If you think this is too much for you, there are a few others that summarize the workbook and put their own spin on it like
      1. A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson
      2. A Course in Miracles: Made Easy

If you have read any of these already, I would love your input and stories!

Xo – Jennifer

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