Modern Mother Gift Guide for Christmas

December 6, 2017

Hi Loves,

This year I finally decided to make a Christmas “gift” list for my family to let them know what to get for Leighton, Rocky and I.  For years, I thought giving an actual list to people was too much, like I was asking them to spend money on me. However, year after year, I ask everyone to tell me what they want for Christmas and I finally realized that it would be much easier if I had a list from someone else.  So this year, I kept up a list throughout the 2nd half of the year and I sent it out to family members.  Now, my only error was that I sent the same list out to everyone! HA.  My handy dandy husband came to my rescue and helped coordinate gifts and made sure nobody bought the same gifts for me and I did the same for him. So in the end, it works out perfect.

Sometimes, it helps to have good gift guides and have that help to find unique, trendy gifts that you may have never thought of. So, I have put together my ultimate Modern Mother Gift Guide for This Christmas and will include things that I asked for and things that I know other Moms have asked for as well.  Moms, you may even want to just go ahead and buy something for yourself this Christmas because I know I sure have! 🙂

  1. Amazon :   Find it at Target Here for $99.99
  2. On Sale for $79.99
  3. Apple Watch Armbands/Cuffs- replacements and fashionable
  4. Apple Charging Dock:
  5. Curling Iron/Wand:
  6. Hunter Women’s Original Tall Gloss Rain Boot:  Here & at Nordstrom for 25% off Here
  7. Books:
  8. Coffee Mugs:
  9. Candles:
  10. Robe:
  11. Comfy Leggings: Perfect Pair at Aerie Here!

I hope you all love the gift ideas below and please shop my links above.



  • Meliss

    December 6, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    Love all these fabulous ideas!

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