How I Decorated My New Office on a Budget

November 1, 2017

Sources: Rug, Book Shelf, Flowers, Decor, Frames

Hi Loves!

I hope you are all enjoying your week.   Last month, I decided to re-do my office and completely start from scratch.  I wanted a room that was light, airy, and inspiring for when I need to lock myself away in my office for an entire day (or night). I use my office both for my full time job as a Sr. Channel Partner Manager for a technology security company as well as starting and running my new business venture – Jenn on the Rocks aka this blog.  I wanted a lot of white, grey walls, and a lot of pretty decor.

Previously, this room had a large corner style executive desk that my husband’s parents gave us when we bought our first home.  It took up two walls and was enormous. While it allows for 2 work areas, I didn’t like the style or the flow so we sold it! I wish I had taken a before picture to show you but I didn’t.  We had a few of my husband’s paintings of Elvis (and 2 other people I don’t know) up on the wall that were hand drawn by a very close family friend that passed away a few years ago. I do have pictures of those to show you because they are amazing and one of a kind.  And their were other various bookshelves, decor, etc that I completely removed from this room and just shoved it into our spare junk room.

So, to start this new journey of creating this new space – I headed to IKEA – On a Friday mind you!  I left there with a new desk, picture frames, wall shelves, a book shelf, and tons of cute decor. When you actually have a vision – it’s pretty easy to get in and out of there!  After Ikea, I also went to Target and got a cute 5X7 Rug, a tall ladder book shelf and some cute decor items – flowers, abstract shelf decor like this, and desk organization items.  I am also working on a Gold Collage wall with these frames so stay  tuned for updates on that.  I also painted the walls Agreeable Grey by Sherwin Williams. If you like this color, don’t be fooled by the paint card you see in the store. It looks like a neutral tan or nude color but it is actually the perfect light grey for office walls.And – I did all of this on a budget.  My trip to ikea that included my desk and alot of storage and decor items was around $300.00 and then I roughly spent about $100 – $150 additional at Target and other small shops for decor pieces.  See my office in the pictures below. I would love to hear from you about your decorating adventures or see pictures of your new office – comment below!




  • Nancy

    January 14, 2018 at 1:14 am

    Your office looks great. What is the name of your desk. Do you have the Alex drawers? Do they work well?

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