How my Cinco De Mayo is different this year!?!?

May 5, 2015

This year May 5th means something completely different than in the years past.Instead of today being a day of parties, tequila and Mexican food, it’s about my beautiful baby girl! So Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!! 

I had my last 4 week check up today and from here on out, I will be going every 2 weeks till 36 weeks and then every week after that! I am 29 weeks 1 day today; I can’t believe I only have 11 weeks left. Time sure is flying by and I am getting so excited and anxious to see what life is about to bring us.  I am so excited to see my baby girl and to hold her, feed her, and be her mother.  Our life is about to change in a way that no one can really be prepared for and to see the excitement in Rocky’s face only makes me even happier.

Anyways, today I had to get the Tdap Vaccine to prevent from Whooping Cough, Tetanus and not sure what else so my arm should be sore in the next few hours. I also had my 3d ultrasound and guess what…. Leighton was as stubborn as always! 🙂 She has one foot in front of her face, the other one down, one arm up behind her head and the umbilical cord in front of her face as well.  Overall, we got some really good pictures of her nose and mouth and we were able to see her stick her tongue out a few times; she even stuck her foot in her mouth!! She was absolutely too cute!

Tonight, the doctors office is hosting a gathering for all expecting mothers in their 3rd trimester to come hear things about the 3rd trimester, what to expect when you go into labor, and some other pointers so I think it will be good for Rocky to go and hear some of the advice.


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