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May 21, 2015

Over the past few weeks, I have been on a streak of exploring my crafty side.  I’ve always let my fear of failure or my negativity stop me from fulfilling my potential.  Some of my thoughts were always…”I’m not creative”, “Everything I’ve ever tried before ended badly”, or “it never turns out the way it’s supposed too!”

I think the first step in achieving your goals are to make smaller goals that act as stepping stones to your large goal.  So, I pushed all of that to the side and found a few simple projects on Pinterest that I thought I could handle. Each project only required 2-3 items that I could easily locate at my local Michaels and I even used some of the items on multiple projects such as the paint. The only thing I already had was a hot glue gun. I put myself to good use and knocked these projects out pretty quickly.

On a side (funny) note, I was trying to find something similar to a white sheet to put over our glass table for protection and to have as a good background for the pictures instead of using a grocery bag or old towel.  Solution:  I found my white high school graduation gown and put it to good use after 9 years of sitting in my closet… 🙂 happy camper right here. Keep on the look out for more projects coming soon!

Items Purchased:

  • Pink & Mint Blue Chalkboard Paint
  • 4 Small Paint Brushes – Foam
  • 2 Bags of clothes pins
  • 1 Round Wooden Frame
  • Wooden Letters that spelled out LEIGHTON
  • 1 Pack (qty 2) of Red headbands
  • 2 Pack of Flower Attachments

Project 1: Chalboard Mason Jars:


IMG_3855 IMG_3938






Project 2: Picture Holder








Project 3: Baby Girl headbands







Project 4: Leighton’s name in wooden letters


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