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It’s a beautiful Saturday morning today I must say!! Each day that I’ve been home this week, whether it’s been working from home or I have the day off, I have made a point to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  I think it’s just a vital part of life (for me anyways). Our community pool isn’t open yet or I would so be at the pool and not writing this post on my back patio.  I bring my 3 year old little chihuahua out here and I think she loves it just as much as do; sunbathing in my lap, rolling around in the grass getting dirty, and taking cover under the shade or on the cool grass when she starts getting hot.

Our back yard is definitely a work in progress but it’s alot further along than this time last summer and what I want to do is write down my goals of what I want to get accomplished back here this summer so I have accountability.






Back Yard Projects:

1. Firepit!

2. Lights around the back of the fence and house.

3. Flower beds

4. Buy patio lounge chairs to lay out in!

Okay, I think that’s enough for one summer since it’s already the middle of May but I will include pictures to show you what it looks like now and then hopefully what it looks like after completion.  I am starting on

Goal #1 today by going by Rocky’s work and picking up the barrel we are supposed to use for the FirePit.  UP next will be buying the stone to go all the way around the barrel. We’ve already picked out the place and measured the circle so we are well on our way.

Goal #2 shouldn’t be too hard, just a matter of going to the store and picking out exactly what we want and installing or just hanging them up. I do wonder though, how are we going to get lights at the very back of the fence unless we have a really long extension cord but then you have to worry about rain, electricity, etc.  Maybe we can find some solar powered lights!

Goal #3: I think this is going to be the hardest/most time consuming. Rocky and I have a hard time making decisions and agreeing on what would look best when it comes to flower beds.  I want something easy to maintain, something that doesn’t die in a week and will bloom every year. I am horrible when it comes to names of plants, flowers, bushes, trees, etc so maybe I can do a better job of educating myself here before I toss the hat over to someone else to pick them out for me.  Another issue is that we just had sod laid all over our back yard except for at the back of the fence last summer so that’s really the only smart place to make flower beds so we are not ripping up (really expensive) sod. Then buying the fertilizer, pine straw, mulch or whatever else it takes to make a flower bed successful is kind of expensive especially when we have a baby on the way! But… enough excuses Jennifer… we just need to make a plan and get to work… We can do this!!

Goal #4: this is an easy one. order them off or amazon! 🙂

It’s getting mighty Hot out here and Sophie (my dog) is panting and sitting by the door so I’m going to take her inside and then for a walk (another way to get outside in this beautiful weather).




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